April 13, 2015
Plenty of people enter the process of plastic surgery without a real understanding of what is going to happen. With Dr. Ronald Perlman, these people are appraised of what is going to happen, when, how it will feel, and how long it will last. This is a crucial different between Dr. Ronald Perlman and many other plastic surgeons, his practice aims to deliver all of the information that they can to the patient up front. This way they can make an informed decision about how and when they want the operation done.

Dr. Ronald Perlman is pleased to be able to help his patients achieve the look they desire. He is proud that together they are able to fix, or improve upon, a person's self-esteem by making changes that are healthy and productive. Dr. Ronald Perlman always informs his patients that there is a risk involved with any procedure, no matter how minor, just to be sure that they understand. Dr. Ronald Perlman offers his high quality services for a reasonable price that means most people can afford them. Safety is the main priority, but so is comfort, affordability, and effectiveness.